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6 May 2019

Ostia, the beach that is a ride away from Rome

Ostia, the beach that is a ride away from Rome

A summer holiday in Rome? Perfect until you’re dying from the boiling heat! A bottle of water might not be enough to waver its effect but a day by the sea could. Besides, there are beaches in the vicinity of Rome. The closest is just about 30 minutes by car.

A typical yet stunning beach town

Ostia’s beach, also known as Lido di Ostia is the nearest beach from Rome city. Since it’s close, both locals and tourists crowd the place – especially over the weekend and during summer. However, it stretches over a long distance and is connected to Fregene’s beach. You could therefore find a spot where to spread your towel and sunbath without anyone disturbing you. Besides, you can access to most of the area for free. There are nonetheless some private beaches – the stabilimenti. The only difference between the latter and the public area is the 5-euro entrance fee. Well, you will get beach chair and an umbrella. It also goes without saying that there the stabilimenti are less crowded. But you’ll find several amenities alongside every area: shops, bars, showers, changing rooms… Both beaches may not be as glamorous as the others in Rome, but they are strikingly clean. That makes Lido di Ostia a quite beautiful seashore. Plus, it’s a beautiful sunset spot.

Ostia, the beach that is a ride away from Rome

A journey across an historical site

When you travel from the airport to Rome city or the other way around, you will certainly notice the gates along Via Ostiense. They were actually the separation between the Historic Centre and Ostia Antica, the ancient harbour. It is located 3 km from Lido di Ostia so there is no way you’d miss it on your journey to the beach. While planning your trip, try to make a schedule for Ostia Antica. It might not be as popular as Pompeii, but it is a well-preserved site. There is a lot to visit within two to four hours: a bakery, a public toilet or a theatre – all from ancient Rome. You will also find pleasant surprises when strolling in its alleys. Before heading to your destination – whether it’s the beach or a vacation rental, you could enjoy a drink at the café located in the north of the site and view the Tiber. In Ostia, you could feel the sea breeze but also not miss any second for sightseeing in ancient Rome.

How to get to Ostia?

Driving through Via Ostiense is the fastest way to get to Ostia from Rome. Public transportation can also get you there if you aren’t planning on renting a car. However, the journey will take longer – about an hour or two, depending on your departure point. You might also have to take a bus or the metro before getting the train to the beach city. Ostia Antica is one stop before Lido di Ostia, which is actually the last one. If you are planning to go to the beach as soon as you land, you could take a bus at the terminal 2 of Fiumicino’s airport.

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