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21 June 2019

Nakibey Plaj: One of the Best Beaches in the Prince Islands

Nakibey Plaj: One of the Best Beaches in the Prince Islands

The Princes’ Islands are the nine islands that are located southeast of Istanbul, where tourists as well as locals go to relax during the holidays. The Princes’ Islands are one of the hotspots in Istanbul, where people go to escape the crowded city.

The names of the nine islands are: Bayukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Kinaliada, Sedefadasi, Silivriada, Yassiada, Kasik, and Tavsan. All you need to do is choose an island to visit and board a ferry, and you are on your way. The Princes’ Islands have very nice beaches that are suitable for visitors to swim. The five islands that are surrounded by the Marmara Sea are surrounded by the cleanest waters and have the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches.

Nakibey Plaj is on the Buyukada island and is one of the best beaches located in the Prince Islands. It is a great place to relax, and wind down from stress because it is calm and peaceful. The beach is clean and the water is shallow, allowing you to see all kinds of sea life without having to go snorkeling. You can also just sit and relax because the beach club provides an abundant amount of seating space. This beach is good for a family vacation, a honeymoon, and even for a destination wedding venue.

Nakibey Plaj: One of the Best Beaches in the Prince Islands

The Nakibey Plaj is rated by many tourists as the best beach in Istanbul, to go swimming because the water is clean and shallow. In addition, transportation to this beach is fairly easy because a ferry is provided. It is a very safe place that is perfect for children and families to stay at. Many resorts and luxury villas are available for rent, in case you want to stay longer to enjoy the peaceful sound of the water crashing against the shoreline.

The service on this beach is fast and the locals are very hospitable and welcoming. During your visit to Nakibey Plaj, you can get to know the locals that are on the beach and make friends with them. You can also enjoy a nice meal with them at a nearby restaurant on the beach or take delight in a relaxing spa day with them in a Turkish spa hotel on the Nakibey Plaj. There are also many restaurants alongside the Nakibey Plaj, providing all the kinds of food that will give you a taste of the unique flavors.

If you ever go to the Bayukada Island, make sure that you pay a visit to the Nakibey Plaj, one of the best beaches in the Princes’ Islands, for a relaxing day on the beach, where you can enjoy a calm day or two.

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